Info Resources

Here’s some reading to get you started. This page is new; please check back soon, we’ll be adding more!


Fact Sheets

Film and Videos

  • Council of Canadians’ blog about five short animated films against Energy East
  • Documentary: “Above All Else“, In this dramatic, firsthand account of activists on the front line of the climate fight, one man risks it all to stop the tar sands of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from crossing his land.
  • EcoDocumentary: On the Line: An eco-adventure documentary like no other. Follow Frank Wolf and Todd McGowan on a 2,400 km journey by foot, bike, raft and kayak as they seek to uncover the truth about a proposed 5.5 billion dollar oil pipeline (can be viewed online)
  • Documentary: Tipping Point: the End of Oil, about the tar sands the communities impacted

TransCanada’s Project Description and Application

  • TransCanada’s Project Description (March 2014)
  • TransCanada’s Application to the National Energy Board) (October 2014)

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