Another Billboard!

Local efforts to raise awareness about the risky nature of TransCanada’s Energy East project are ramping up once more with the launch of a cam
paign to raise funds for a second billboard, this one to be placed on Highway 11 North, bringing the message to southbound traffic.









Donations can be made through the group’s on-line “crowd-funding” site: Click here to support The “No Energy East” Billboard by Stop Energy East (North Bay) using the online page with GoFundMe. If you’d rather make your donation by cash or cheque, please call Kay at 705-474-8794 or text at 705-978-3153 or send Kay an email
Last July an eight week fundraising campaign culminated with the unveiling of a billboard on Highway 17 East, across from the Lavage Portage, a few hundred metres west of the Elks Family Park on Trout Lake.

New Billboard

The new billboard will continue the same visual theme, but the group is considering wording that more explicitly states the risks from the Energy East pipeline to the Nipissing and Trout Lake / Mattawa River watersheds. The billboard site has been secured, and final artwork and wording will be going to the sign company within the week.
The 2016 Billboard campaign was launched at the April 26th town hall meeting, where $600 were donated directly to billboard fund. In the first few days of the GoFundMe re-launch, we’ve raised almost $500 more –  less than $3,000 to go!

Why a second billboard?
The first billboard has already increased community discussion – thank you for making this possible – and a second billboard will help draw attention to the risk to the Trout Lake AND Lake Nipissing watersheds, as well as those along the route all across northern Ontario. The billboard on Highway 11 will be seen by those travelling into North Bay from further north (Highway 11 runs roughly parallel to the pipeline from Nipigon to North Bay – one thousand kilometres of risk from pipeline failure).

What the money goes to: The cost for the billboard itself is $2100 and then $175/mo.