About TransCanada’s Energy East Project

TransCanada Pipeline has announced intentions to convert their natural gas pipeline through northern Ontario to move crude oil and/or diluted bitumen from Alberta’s tar sands in western Canada to facilities in eastern Canada. The pipeline conversion brings significant risks to northeastern Ontario with the high potential for pipeline ruptures. For example, according to information provided by TransCanada there will only be shut-off valves every 30 kilometres, except around “select” locations which TransCanada deems to be environmentally significant. Spills of diluted bitumen would contaminate nearby rivers, lakes, wetlands or groundwater, with the line capable of spewing two cubic metres per second of the 1.1 million barrels that will be pushed through the pipe each day. Diluted bitumen is extremely toxic with long-lasting environmental impacts and extremely high clean-up costs, and there are no guarantees that the pipeline owner/operator will actually have sufficient funds to pay for cleanup.  Conversion of the pipeline is also expected to result in higher natural gas prices and reduced access to natural gas for northern communities and customers.

TransCanada’s Web site about Energy East

Ontario Energy Board’s page about Energy East

National Energy Board’s page about Energy East

Links to environmental and public interest group web sites

Links to information resources and reading material



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