Gordon Laxer: More pipelines aren’t needed to supply Canadians

The Province | May 24 | Would leaving much of Canada’s oil in the soil prop up Saudi Arabia’s odious dictatorship? That’s Joseph Maloney’s far-fetched case against the Leap Manifesto in his op-ed Friday.

The boilermakers union representative notes that Eastern Canada imports nearly all its oil. If Canada doesn’t build new oil pipelines, he contends, it will continue importing oil from “such paragons of democracy as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Algeria and Angola”.

Maloney’s argument makes no sense. The Kinder Morgan and Northern Gateway pipelines to the west coast, and the Energy East pipeline to New Brunswick are proposed oil exporting lines. How would exporting more oil displace oil imports into Canada?

Since December, Enbridge Line 9 has supplied Quebec’s two oil refineries with western Canadian and U.S. shale oil. Quebec now imports very little oil from the Middle East.

TransCanada has proposed to convert and build the Energy East oil pipeline to New Brunswick. It would not end oil imports to Atlantic Canadians. Mark Sherman, plant manager at the Irving oil refinery in St. John, New Brunswick, where the Energy East line would terminate, said the line would send “way more than we would ever use at this refinery, so the bulk of it would all be exported.”


May 24, 2016. 10:16 am • Section: Opinion, The Province, http://blogs.theprovince.com/2016/05/24/gordon-laxer-more-pipelines-arent-needed-to-supply-canadians/


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