City’s Source Water Protection Plan yet to include Energy East risk

The Energy East Pipeline Project has not been labelled as a threat to North Bay’s sole source of drinking water.

At least, not yet.

The citys manager of Planning Services, Beverley Hillier, presented the new Source Water Protection Plan amendments to council last Monday.

Some of the policies focus on prohibiting the storage of agricultural source material, the handling and storage of non-agricultural source material and commercial fertilizer, and the use of lands as livestock grazing or pasturing land, among others.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change approved the North Bay-Mattawa area plan in early March, but as Mayor Al McDonald called attention to during last Mondays meeting, a crucial component seems to be missing.

McDonald raised concern for the Energy East Project not being included in the current amendments, despite being signaled as a potential risk by the Minister in March.

Were taking a strong stance in protecting our only source of drinking water, and I would hate to get to the National Energy Board and them pull up a document that says you didnt even show your concern in your own plan,’ McDonald said during the meeting.

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Saturday, July 04, 2015 by: Liam Berti,


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